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Jin’s Brother Renovation Contractor is an established contractor in Singapore. We specialize in Italian marble polishing, waxing, cleaning & buffing and round edge polishing.

Customer satisfaction is always the top priority of our company. We ensure this through our fine workmanship
and excellent services. In order to meet high market expectations and demand, we adopt the highly efficient
Italian marble polishing methods and ensure our employees are trained with the latest equipment.


Jin’s Brother Renovation Contractor is founded by
Mr. Ang Meng Hong in 1989. Over the years, it has progressed from strength to strength, becoming a leading contractor known for its fine quality of work, alongside with the company’s group of highly skilled, experienced & loyal employees.


Our work mainly focus on marble polishing for
floors, walls, table tops and vanity tops. Our formulated and sequential polishing method effectively enhances the richness of the marble and restores the surface's texture to its original colour and glamour.

We are able to treat, repair and restore almost all stone problems. This includes damage due to:

  • 1. heavy traffic
  • 2. wear and tear
  • 3. stains
  • 4. weather elements
  • 5. poor workmanship
  • 6. crack lines and etc.


Polishing/ Grinding : Raw unpolished marbles usually have uneven surfaces and scratches. Thus polishing/grinding is done to level the uneven surfaces of the floor and bring out the colour and clarity of the marble.

Repolishing : Old marble surfaces usually come with the problems of scratches, patches, blemishes and stains. With our Italian diamond disc repolishing method, we can remove these ugly sights and restore the stone’s natural shine.

Epoxy : Some marble stones contain crack lines which are unpleasant to feel and see. Epoxy will be used as it can impregnate into the marble and
seal up the grouting & crack lines, bringing out the shine of the marble at the same time.

Waxing : This is an additional higher end service which allows for top-notched shine in the marble

Cleaning & Buffing : This method is used for basic cleaning of the marble, using our
self-formulated polishing powder.
This ensure marble shining at its best.

Round Edge Polishing : Due to the different designs and layouts, there might be exposed edges and corners of the marble stone that are rough and unsightly. The round edge polishing method is then employed to shape these corners and edges.

  • Different marble stones produce different degree of shine depending on its natural stone compositions and properties.
  • No natural stone surface is immune from damage over time, but with proper care and maintenance, your stone can look at its best.
  • Avoid contacts between highly acidic contents or substances (eg. Wine) and marble. Any spills should be cleaned immediately.
For more information or enquiries on the price of our services, please feel free to contact us.
We look forward to serving you!

We make your marble shine!